Tips To Properly Clean And Disinfect Your Home Against Coronavirus

At the current juncture, it is of vital importance to take hygienic precautions in order to avoid infections, because Covid-19 is an extremely contagious virus. Not only do they warn about the importance of washing hands to fight the disease, but they also insist (naturally) on cleaning objects that come into contact with patients, since it is unknown how long the coronavirus survives in a surface but could be hours or even days, according to some studies.

For this reason, perhaps, the measures that we verified a month ago, South Korea took, fumigating the evacuees from Wuhan, are no longer so striking. If at this time we have to spend a lot of time at home due to isolation, it is logical that we take extreme precautions in our home in order not to get infected or, if there is a family member who is already sick, that it does not spread further.

The patient

The Ministry of Health recommends that you stay in your room, that it be ventilated, and if possible, with the door closed. You should also avoid distances of less than two meters with the people you live with, no visitors, and have a hand hygiene product and a garbage can inside the room.

How to do it

In the kitchen, use the dishwasher whenever you can and, if you don’t have it, scrub with hot water. Of course, don’t share any utensils.

In the bathroom, clean it (also the toilet) with disposable cloths and bleach. Ammonia is also a good option. Both in this part of the house and in the kitchen, precautions must be taken.

The patient must remain in his room with the door closed and a garbage can. If possible, you should use a bathroom exclusively for him.

In the living room and bedrooms, if your sofa has a cover, the best thing you can do is remove it to disinfect it. Clean the windows inside and out, and don’t shake your clothes. Also, try to wash curtains and any other textiles that can be cleaned, such as pillowcases or towels, as well as cabinets inside. Wash the patient’s clothes in a separate laundry.

Cleaning is not disinfecting

The journalist also stresses that, in times of this pandemic, it is essential to disinfect doorknobs, handrails, keyboards … everything that is touched frequently. In case you have doubts about the difference between cleaning and disinfecting, the first refers only to the use of soap and water to remove dirt and most germs. Disinfection, on the other hand, refers to the use of cleaning solutions that contain ingredients that kill bacteria and other germs.

Therefore, without getting paranoid, it is best to clean (and disinfect) the house several times a day, especially those parts most susceptible to harboring the virus and remember to always wash your hands when finished and leave the cleaning products to work the required time, reading the labels beforehand to know their use and much encouragement.